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Modern concerns


Few things in the world can be more annoying than…

Touchscreen unresponsiveness.

That can make you pissed off so bad…
The PD80 Vogue I’m typing right now has a powerhouse of processors, but a shittyly awfully cheap screen. Static problems, a corner broken, low brightness, and a random behavior of utterly sensitive touch and I-don’t-give-a-shit-like response.

Tablet are for me an amazing tool for studying. Apps, reading, searching, total mobility, long lasting battery life, wireless and so on.
It just became a can’t-live-without gadget.
In med school, there’s just too much books and printed material. The tablet got rid of all of the clumsy stuff in an elegant, full searchable content format.

But screen issues are going to haunt me all long my graduation and later, You bet it.


Sobre Juan

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